Junior Clinics

The Junior Golf Clinics at Kirby Links provide structured instruction for beginners and those with some experience, catering to two age groups: 6-9 years old and 10-14 years old. Led by PGA of Canada instructors, these clinics run for five straight weeks, with one-hour sessions per week focusing on fundamental skills development. The curriculum includes putting, chipping, irons, and driver instruction, culminating in a final week of ON-COURSE PLAY!

Program Details

  • Age Groups: 6-9 years old and 10-14 years old
  • Group Size: 5-6 participants per group
  • Duration: 5 weeks (1 hour per week, *last week 9 holes 90 minutes)
  • Cost: $225 + HST (includes instruction, equipment rentals, and on-course play)
Week-by-Week Curriculum (for all age groups):

Week 1-4: Putting, Chipping, Irons, and Driver

  • Instruction on basic techniques, drills, and practice exercises for each skill
  • Emphasis on proper grip, stance, alignment, and swing mechanics
  • Progressive development of distance control, accuracy, and consistency

Week 5: On-Course Experience (10 Holes)

  • Integration of learned skills in a real-world setting on the course
  • Guided play with PGA of Canada instructors providing feedback and support
  • Application of course management strategies and decision-making skills


Certified PGA of Canada instructors will lead the clinics, ensuring quality instruction and individualized attention for each participant.


Rental clubs are available for participants who do not have their own equipment, ensuring all juniors have access to necessary gear.

By offering a structured curriculum and personalized instruction, the Junior Golf Clinics at Kirby Links aim to foster a love for the game and help young golfers develop essential skills for success on the course.